ZO3 Circuit Board

ZO FS Circuit Board Inside Look

In case you’re wondering what the guts of the ZO3 is looking like, you can now take a tour of the circuit board! Between component selection, testing, performance and compatibility analysis, this version of the ZO has been in development for over a year. That’s why we’re so excited to reveal to you our latest progress…

ZO3 Circuit Board – Bottom Side

Mouseover/select the targets in the image above & below to get more info on what’s what…

ZO3 Circuit Board – Top Side

Some other points of interest:

  • The board is only¬†1.61 x 1.86 inches
  • It’s double-sided (meaning there are components on both sides of the board)
  • It’s 6-layered to reduce noise
  • Has gold pads and contacts

6 thoughts on “ZO FS Circuit Board Inside Look”

        1. We agree – it’s not fair to make you wait so long for a product that’s been “coming soon” for quite some time. We sympathize with your frustration and hope you’re willing to hang in there just a tad bit longer. And by a “tad bit” we really mean it, as the components are on order and should be arriving by the end of May. Once they arrive, we’ll begin manufacturing and start taking pre-orders!!

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