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Good Audio Specs don’t Guarantee Good Sound

Specs are a reasonable starting point for beginning a comparison between audio products, but they are only one piece of the puzzle. Consider all of your wants, needs, and desires, and correspondingly the relevant factors associated with a given product, then obtain as much information as feasible before making a decision. Not being impetuous might save you regret, frustration, and money, not to mention ending up with a product that looks good on paper but in the end only looks good on paper. Personally, we’ve sampled, tested, and listened to thousands of audio components. To construct an audio product based on component specs alone does not guarantee good quality sound. It’s not only about specs, but component values, materials, construction, compatibility, and proper integration. That’s what makes the difference.

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Here is an analogy we like to use…

The recipe for an excellent audio device is very much like a recipe for an exceptional culinary dish – use the right ingredients in the proper proportions, combine them in the right order, and include that special something which gives the dish its unique character. When it comes to food, it’s about how it tastes. When it comes to audio, it’s about how it sounds. Have you ever been to a restaurant where the menu described a dish in a way that made you salivate with anticipation, but actually tasted like something from the garbage can? It’s no different with audio devices. So, just because one recipe says it contains more special spices (e.g. higher output voltage etc.) doesn’t guarantee a better taste (or a better sound), and quite possibly it may be just the thing that spoils the soup.

At digiZoid, we’ve spent years selecting and combining just the right components to achieve the best sound possible. In addition, we developed and patented our “special something” (SmartVektor technology), that delivers sound with unique character only attainable with our products.

 We believe in and stand behind our recipe for excellent audio.

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