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ZO FS and ZO FS+ Production Updates

Current Status

ZO FS and ZO FS+ are both in-stock and ready for your listening enjoyment! (last updated Oct 1, 2014)

ZO FS enclosures


Previous  Updates

(Aug 3-9th)

Slight Delay in Shipping: We wanted to give y’all a quick update on the shipping status, as we know we said we’d be shipping by end of July. So here it goes…

The last thing we do before final assembly is apply something called conformal coating to areas of the circuit board that need protection — in particular, spots where components for SVT’s circuits are placed (if you catch my drift  *wink wink*). We should have received the coating material by mid-last week, but it was a no-show. After calling the distributor, we found out they were out of stock, and our order had been put on hold (of course NOW they tell us, right?)! So we scrambled to find another distributor who had it in stock, and it should arrive Mon or Tues this week (Aug 3rd). As soon as it arrives, we’ll start gooping up the parts, but they’ll take at least 24 hrs to dry. So we’re shooting for Thursday (and absolutely no later than Friday), for first shipments to go out.

We’re really really sorry everyone, and we hope you can forgive us!

(July 14-18th)

Circuit Board Manufacturing: First production samples turned out great upon initial review! We have taken them back to the lab for further evaluation while our manufacturer completes production on the remaining ZOs.On Monday, our manufacturer will begin setting up the line and manufacturing the top side of the circuit board. Tuesday, Paul and I will be on-site to inspect the initial build, inspect the manufacturing for the bottom side, and (best of all) get to power up and listen to the first official ZO FS fresh off the line!

Paul approves the first ZO FS

ZO FS circuit board backside - first production sample

ZO FS circuit board frontside - first production sample

zo pcbs

Over the weekend, Paul also built a fixture so we can quickly and easily program the microprocessors and test each board after they’ve been assembled.

zo fs test fixture

ZOFS/FS+ Production Overview

Design Status

  • Circuit Design: DONE
  • Initial Performance Evaluation: DONE
  • Programming: DONE

Production Status

Circuit Board

  • Components Delivered: DONE
  • Manufacturing: DONE
  • Programming, Testing & Gooping: WEEK OF AUGUST 3rd


  • Machining: DONE
  • Anodization: DONE
  • Laser Marking: DONE


  • Cables: ARRIVED
  • Batteries: ARRIVED
  • Manual: NEED FEEDBACK  (<— leave a comment if you’re interested in helping out!)


ZO FS enclosure
custom CNC machined anodized aluminum enclosure

Differences Between ZO FS and ZO FS+

We’ve had a few of you ask what the differences are between ZO FS and ZO FS+, so hopefully this will help clarify.  The ZO FS+ has an additional transparent amplifier built to the same specifications as ZO FS (i.e., output impedance, power output, etc.). You’ll be able to easily go between the transparent amp and the SmartVektor amp with the push of a switch. This feature is similar to the bypass function we had on the original ZO, but without there being a difference in volume or any pop/clicks. But the biggest benefit is that you’re getting 2 amps in 1 small package!  

Size Difference Between ZO FS and ZO2

If you’re interested in the size of ZO FS compared to ZO2, we took some pics we’d like to share:

ZO2 vs ZO FS
Front view to show size differences between ZO2 vs. ZO FS
ZO2 vs. ZO FS - Side View
Side view to show size differences between ZO2 vs. ZO FS

Preliminary Testing Results

Today (6/17) we ran some preliminary tests on the ZO FS+ engineering sample. We’re happy to report that channel balance was spectacular: within 0.06 dB @ 100mV/1kHz!

Any Questions? We’d love to hear them!

33 thoughts on “ZO FS and ZO FS+ Production Updates”

  1. Have any been shipped yet? And if so, when can I expect mine to be shipped given that i placed my preorder on the first of July

    1. Yes, we have started shipping. We are still working on getting the pre-orders from June fulfilled, but yours should be going out within the week. Thank you for holding in there… I promise it’ll be well worth the wait! ;-)

        1. Yes, we could do that, or offer it as an additional accessory in the future. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as buying some pre-cut film and throwing it in the box. The ZO has a unique screen size that would require custom cutting, as well as additional consideration as the cutout where the OLED display fits into the enclosure has rounded corners. So it’s one of those things that takes some trial and error if ya know what I mean. ;-)

  2. Am I reading this correctly ?

    “33 selectable center frequencies from
    0.42dB @ 25Hz to 13.68dB @ 90Hz
    (0.42 dB/step)”

    So 25hz can only be boosted by 0.42db ? and 13.68db boosts 90hz?

    1. Well first of all, I realized I made a small boo boo when quoting the spec. It should read:

      33 selectable center frequencies from
      13.68dB @ 25Hz to 0.42dB @ 90Hz
      (0.42 dB/step)

      That has now been fixed.

      What this means is that at the minimum level, 25Hz is boosted by a max of 13.68dB – but that doesn’t mean 25Hz can ONLY be boosted by 13.68dB. Hopefully this graphic will better explain the spec.

      1. Sorry for the multiple questions, if I wanted to boost 25hz by 5db can i then reduce the 90hz frequency level?


  3. Just checked the progress page, things that said “End of June” are still saying that !
    Please keep the current status updated! Wait is getting painful now :P

  4. It looks very good from first glance. Since it says it can power anything from sensitive IEMs to high impedance heaphones, how well will it do with orthos such as the HE-400 or T50RPs? I was wondering since I need amps that take up little room, which this seems perfect for.

    1. I personally LOVE the ZO FS with the LCD-X. It’s probably my fave combo (and I’m not just saying that, LOL). That said, I think the ZO FS would be a great match for the headphones you mention. But the only way to find out is to give it a shot, right? We offer a no-hassle 30 day return policy! ;-)

  5. I wanted to get the Zo since version 1 was released.
    Glad to see, you folks have come so far from there to Zo FS!
    Since it now works both and lower and upper spectrum, Cant want to finally get my hands on it !!
    Man, End of July feels like a full year length ;)

    Keep it up guys! Cheers! ♫

  6. “The ZO FS+ has an additional transparent amplifier ”

    So just to confirm when you use that amp you can’t use bass/treble enhancements ?

  7. Looking forward to receiving my pre-order unit. This is going to be a long month of waiting…………..glad you guys are getting close.

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